Desde 1992, Transportes Santos Campos está en condiciones de ofrecerle el servicio de transporte internacional (Terrestre, aéreo y marítimo), a través de la red de corresponsales de SPAIN-TIR, pudiendo hacer llegar sus mercacías a cualquier parte del mundo. Tiene especial importancia el Transporte Terrestre Europeo con servicios a toda la Europa Comunitaria y la reciente incorporación de paises como Polonia, Hungria...

Since 1992 TRANSPORTES SANTOS CAMPOS S.A. through the extensive and experienced network of SPAIN-TIR corresppondents, is in great condition to be able to offer you a wide international transport service by road, sea or air.
This network allows us to offer an intensive merchandise interchange all around Europe that with time has developed into today’s reality, keeping these services with guaranteed daily deliveries all over Europe within four or five days.
New colaboration protocols have been recently formalized with correspondents in Eastern Europe and Greece which let us take all your goods to these areas which although not geographically far , have been until recently inaccessible due to commercial difficulties.


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